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Choices are limitless in Swimming Pool and Spa Lighting

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Today’s swimmer, or should I say, tonight’s swimmer, has plenty of options when it comes to lighting his or her swimming pool, and not just the swimming pool deck.   Long gone are the days of just a single spot light secured to a wall on the house beaming an unpleasant and sometimes dangerous glare on the surface of the water.  Today, even older pools can be retro fitted with new safe and attractive fiber optic lighting technology that can add drama and extend the swimming and entertaining hours of your pool.

Underwater lighting is not mandatory in every pool, but if you want to enjoy your pool and have it be safe at night, typically a single incandescent light will be added to the swimming pool approximately 18 inches to 4 feet below the surface and directed away from the house.  Electricity runs from the control panel to the bulb.  The owner may select to use wet-niche lights.  In this set-up, the watertight lighting fixture actually contacts the water and is cooled by it.  As alternatives to incandescent lights, fluorescent and quartz-halogen lights may be used and typically use less electricity which will save money in the long run.  However the new wave in cost effective and energy efficient lighting is LED technology.  LED lighting uses a solid object or diode as a source of illumination, rather than a gas or filament as in the older traditional lighting methods.  As a result it has a longer lifespan as it is more resistant to energy dissipation and it also generates less heat.  LED lighting also offers a broader spectrum of colors than traditional lighting as the individual diodes can be mixed and maxed for dazzling effects.

The biggest recent development in pool ambient lighting is fiber-optic lighting.  The hardware used to install this type of lighting looks similar to traditional electrical lighting but instead of electrical current being carried to a fixture, the cord that runs to the pool is made up of fibers that carry light, not electricity.  A lens at the end of the cord releases the illumination into the pool.  What’s equally amazing about this, is that while there is no electric current passing there is no heat as well.  Because the apparatus to house the fibers can be housed outside and remote from the pool area, the whole color spectrum of the color wheel is now available to pool owners.  With this in mind, lighting has taken on new meaning in the pool area.  Colors abound and can be mixed, set to music, installed in waterfalls, waterjets, along walkways, inside pool steps and can create patterns and shapes in your pool.   Your imagination is really the limit!

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