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Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner

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Which Pool Cleaner is Right For Me?

 Adding a swimming pool to your backyard can be a beautiful asset. Unfortunately, every asset requires a certain amount of maintenance. Cleaning your pool is not one of the more enjoyable moments of owning a pool. So, you have a few choices with cleaning your pool. Contract it out, do it manually, or use an automatic pool cleaner. Some people will hire it out. A few people that have the time will clean it themselves.  But the majority of people will opt for the automatic cleaner.

 Most people don’t realize that there are two different types of cleaners. There is a pressure side or a suction side. I’ll explain both types of cleaners and then you can decide which one works best for your pool.

First the pressure side pool cleaner works off of pressure from the pool pump or a separate booster pump designated for the cleaner. The pressure from the pump propels the cleaner around the pool forcing the debris into a mesh bag or skimmer net. The biggest benefit of the pressure side cleaner is that the debris is not sucked back to the pump basket or filter. All the debris is held at the unit. Therefore if you have a yard that has a lot of leaves or other debris in the fall than this would be a good choice. The bad thing with pressure side cleaners is that it will not pick up the really fine dirt as it will leak through the mesh bag, and it has a hard time climbing walls and stairs. There will be a little maintenance required to empty the cleaner’s bag or net as it becomes filled.

 The suction side cleaner works like a vacuum cleaner. It requires the suction side of the pump to pull the debris off the bottom of the pool and propel it along. Suction side cleaners act more like a moving drain. They move at a much slower pace than the pressure side cleaners but are able to pick up the really fine particles from the pool. If you have a pool which does not collect a lot of leaves and larger debris, than this cleaner would be a good choice. The bad thing with a suction side cleaner is that it also has a hard time climbing walls and stairs, and everything pulled from the pool through the cleaner ends up in the basket at the pump or the pool filter which will require the need to take the time to clean it more often.

 Both cleaners have some pros and cons. There are also many manufacturers for each cleaner. I suggest buying from a reputable company and one with a good solid warranty.

 To discuss how California Trademark Pools can further assist you in your pool cleaner choices contact our office at 916-683-1202.


Jerry Johnson

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