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“An unique feature of our business is that your designer is also your builder! So because there is no “salesman” between you and your pool builder, your design makes it to the construction site unimpeded by any potential for communication barriers.”

Jerry Johnson, President
California TRADEMARK Pools

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Once you approve your design plan for your dream pool, the permit process begins.


California TradeMark Pools submits your swimming pool blueprint to the appropriate building department for approval to construct your new swimming pool.  The permit issued and a copy of your plans will be placed in a plastic pouch which will be posted near your pool construction area, where it should remain through the duration of your project.

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Prior to the excavation of your pool, California TradeMark Pools will call Underground Service Alert, who in turn, contacts all service companies in your area.  Each service company will contact California TradeMark Pools either clearing the area or placing flags in your yard where service lines are located.


A California TradeMark Pools contractor and an excavation crew will layout the shape of your pool as designed and then as approved during the permit process. This is a joint effort to ensure the contractor and the pool excavator agree to the placement of your pool in your yard and the digging requirements per the design.












Once the layout is complete, we will require approximately one to two hours of your time to review your excavation check list and secure your signature for approval of the excavation plan and your blueprint. Upon your approval, we will begin excavation and hand contouring your pool. Excavation generally takes a complete work day.












Pool piping, valves, electrical bonding, and electrical run for the filter pump, additional feature pumps, and any underwater lighting required will be installed after rebar is installed. Now your pool is ready for the first inspection checkpoint by the building department, prior to the shooting of any gunite into your pool construction site.
The purpose of a pre-gunite inspection is to check the placement of steel rebar and bonding of the light niches, as well as, the inspection of the plumbing. California Trademark Pools will handle the scheduling of this and all other inspections required to complete your pool. Once the building department approves the pre-gunite inspection, your pool construction project is now ready to have gunite scheduled.


The steel bars or “rebar” are the reinforcing bars that provide the main support structure of your pool. You may expect the installing of rebar to be completed within a few work days after excavation, as a standard.













On the day your pool is to be “shot” with gunite, several gunite trucks and crew will arrive at your pool construction site. Gunite, a sand and cement mixture, is shot through hoses onto the steel structure of your pool. You will soon begin to see the true shape of your swimming pool, as the gunite pool will shape the bottom, sides, any grottos or other special areas, and steps of your pool.

During the summer months when temperatures are high, it will be necessary to continue to dampen your pool once a day until California TradeMark Pools schedules your pool to be plastered.













TILE, BRICK, & ROCK: The tile for your pool is placed on the perimeter of the pool. The brick and/or rock, if any, are placed on the bond beam.

COPING, DECKING: Our crew will now install your coping selection around your pool which is cantilevered over the edge of your pool. Typical applications for coping can include cement, brick, or stone.

DECK FORMS: Our deck crew will now arrive to grade the area around your pool and begin placing forms for the shape of your pool decking. Once forms have been set by our crew, but prior to the pour of your pool deck, you will need to water down these areas so that the concrete will cure properly.

PRE-DECK INSPECTION: This particular inspection point is not required in some areas, cities, and counties, but if required for your pool, the inspector will be checking the bonding any diving board/slides, the grading of the deck area, and the depth of the trenches.

DECK POUR: The deck crew and cement truck(s) will arrive with decking materials to pour and finish your pool deck. At this point, you will need to supply your gates with self closing and self latching devices. If you are uncertain about what devices are required for your remaining inspections, please contact our office at 683-1202 for information. Fencing and gates must be completed prior to pre-plaster and/or final inspection.













At this point in the construction of your new pool, the circulating pump, filter, and any other swimming pool, equipment and supplies will be delivered to your home. The plumbing crew will be scheduled to arrive shortly after receiving your equipment and will install your equipment on the cement pad provided during deck pour.

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PRE-PLASTER INSPECTION: During this inspection the building department is checking to see that all fences are enclosing your pool and that all gates or door openings are equipped with self closing and self latching devices designed to keep gates and doors securely closed at all times. They may also be inspecting to see that all pool lights and/or equipment is installed per your plan. These requirements vary from county to county.

PLASTER PREPARATION AND CLEANUP:  The plaster crew will arrive prior to plaster to prepare the pool shell for plaster, and to remove construction debris from your yard. This process routinely takes one day to complete. It would be important to keep in mind that placing your new pool in your yard may change the grade, elevation, and contour of your yard which may affect drainage.

PLASTER: Your pool has now reached the final phase of construction. The plaster truck and crew will arrive and set up hoses to pump the plaster into your swimming pool. They will usually access the back yard through a side gate, from the street, with hoses extending to the swimming pool. After application of the plaster, the crew will hand trowel the plaster.  When the trowel work is completed, the crew will place your water hose inside the pool to begin filling our pool from the deep end. You can estimate that it will take approximately 24 hours for your pool to fill. Once your pool is full, it is important to brush all surfaces with the long pole and brush which is provided in your equipment package delivered earlier.













A punch list of any concerns you may have will be compiled at start-up when California Trademark Pools and you will “walk through” your new pool. This punch list process will be handled generally within one week after plaster is completed.


California Trademark Pools will apply your pools first chemicals to balance and “start” your pool for safe and healthy swimming for you and your family or friends.










California Trademark Pools is a swimming pool builder and construction company who supplies excellent craftsmanship to our customers in the area of New Swimming Pool Design, New Swimming Pool Construction, special Water Fountain & Rock Features, Swimming Pool Lighting, Water Features, Sheer Water Descent Features, and high quality pool products and equipment serving the greater Sacramento area including, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Lincoln, and Rancho Cordova.

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