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Debbie’s Pool Complete

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Debbie’s Pool Completed In Less Than A Month

Tropical Swimming Pool California Trademark Pools has always prided itself as being a quality conscious swimming pool contractor in the Sacramento area. Along with quality we also feel it is important to finish the pool in a timely manner. California Trademark Pools has just completed another pool in less than one month. Excavation was started on June fifteenth by Innovative Excavating, and the pool was filled with water on July tenth. The weather was outstanding and the coordinating of all the different phases could not have gone smoother.

Getting the new pool project done in a timely matter is only part of the process. Debbie’s existing grey broom finished concrete definitely needed some help. We decided to apply a solid stain manufactured by New Look . It took three coats to finally cover up some of the existing stains, but as you can see, the finished product came out fantastic. Working with existing concrete can always be a challenge, trying to match colors, textures and shapes, but this project came together great.  After waiting twenty-eight days for our new stamped concrete decks to cure, we applied three coats of  Spec West gloss sealer to both surfaces. Adding a gloss New Look stainsealer to give it the “wet look” is always a nice addition to  any surface. Debbie decided she wanted a tropical theme in her backyard. So she used bamboo products to cover the existing air conditioning unit and the new pool equipment. We drilled several holes in the concrete and inserted galvanized metal posts and than tied the bamboo to the new posts. It was a terrific substitute for the typical fences used. We also covered the entire perimeter of the existing wood fence with a slimmer style bamboo. It looks like a resort in Hawaii!

The backyard would not be complete without the final landscaping touches.  We installed approximately fifty different types of plants that helped enhance her tropical theme. The plants were purchased at Home Depot and Branches Nursery in Elk Grove. The final touches were to add a commercial grade weed block, install drip systems and spread the black bark. There goal was to create a backyard oasis where every day seems like your visiting a resort. They definitely could take a vacation in there own backyard.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help futher assist you regarding building your pool, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or Jerry’s cell at 916-479-3091.


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