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Debbie’s Pool Rolling Along

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Debbie’s Pool Keeps Rolling Along

When I first met Debbie and proposed my plans for her pool, I could hear some concerns in her voice about whether or not I was the right choice to be her pool builder. I reassured her that “bigger” does not always mean “better”. I reminded her that as the Owner of California Trademark Pools, I have to wear many hats and I am more than happy to do so. You see, as a small pool builder I represent the salesman, the project manager and the customer service representative. As a customer, you only need to know one name, and thats Jerry. To me, this is a huge advantage, as I will do everything in my power to make sure the customer is happy.

At the beginning of the pool dig the skid steer developed a leak in the hydraulic hose , but now the pool is rolling along.  Gunite was shot in on Thursday of last week, and today the tile was installed. I subcontract the excavating to Steve Sylva owner of Innovative Excavating, Inc. and contract with Eric Johnson Tile  all tile and rock work. I’m always amazed when a future client is concerned that I subcontract work out instead of having it in house. These people are business owners too, and also take pride in their work.

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