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Sometimes Excavating Can Be Fun!

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Sometimes Excavating Can Be Fun!

Last summer California Trademark Pools built a pool in Roseville that required a little more than the normal pool dig. With adjacent lots elevated and only thirty-two inches of clearance down each side yard, the only alternative was to boom the equipment over the wall at the rear of the lot.

Traffic Control

Traffic Control

The first step is to get approval from the City of Roseville. Typically, the city will require a bond along with other city permit fees. Next is to get approval from traffic control. A drawing showing proper signs and cone placement is required.  The city will also require  the day of the boom and the approximate time. A call is needed to the city to have an inspector come out and approve the proper signage and cone placement prior to the boom. Sounds like a lot of work?  Here at California Trademark Pools we love the challenges.

Flying skid steer
Flying skid steer

Once the boom starts it is incredibly cool! It’s just not every day you see a skid steer forty feet in the air flying over a wall. We also boomed over an excavator. It makes for some great pictures. The entire process took approximately two and half hours. Of course set up and tear down was the bulk of the work.

Once the equipment was set up in the back yard, it was time to move to the front. We placed approximated 80′ of  a conveyor type system to get the dirt from the back yard to the front yard. Steve Sylva, from Innovative Excavating supplied the conveyor system. It worked outstanding. Between California Trademark Pools and Innovative Excavating, we made a fairly impossible dig seem very easy.  The dig took  1 1/2 days and than it was time to setup all over again to remove the equipment. It was truly a unique situation and the home owners couldn’t have been happier.

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