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Gunite Swimming Pools

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Gunite Pools Have Many Advantages

    There are many types of swimming pools available today. Gunite and shotcrete are popular because they are built permanently in the ground. They are reinforced with steel bars that typically require engineering. The biggest difference between gunite and shotcrete pools is that gunite is a sprayed on dry mix that is blown through a hose with water added, whereas shotcrete is sprayed on as a wet application. Gunite is a very long lasting product that stands up well to most chemicals, is extremely strong, and able to withstand most weather conditions.

  Gunite is a dry mixture of 1 part cement and 4 parts sand. The material is mixed and compressed while it is dry. This dry mixture is blown through a hose under high pressure. Water is than added to the mixture as it goes through the hose and out the nozzle at the end which makes the material extremely sticky. With the right amount of water and control of the mix, this material can be placed with any thickness and still maintain its uniform quality. Gunite has a rating of 6000 – 7000 psi which makes it extremely strong. This rating is higher than most concretes and bricks. It also has a high bonding rate allowing it to adhere to concrete, brick, rock, tile, stone, rebar and mesh.

  Gunite pools are a very popular choice for residences because of the endless design options. The sizes and shapes are limited only to the designer. It is very easy to adapt a natural looking waterfall feature or grotto. The bond beam can be notched to allow moss rock or other types of rock to appear as if they are built into the pool naturally. Raised bond beams can easily accommodate different types of sheer descents or water sculptures. Curves and edges have no boundaries. Raising a spa can also add a spillway representing another water feature. The infinite edge adds another dimension to the look of your more exquisite gunite pools. Swimming pools that are designed with gunite and proper landscaping can add years of enjoyment for you and your family.


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