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Hot Tubs Add Nice Finishing Touches To Pools

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Spas Add Nice Finishing Touches To Pools

California Trademark Pools gets asked quite often “what are the benefits of adding a hot tub to my pool”. Well, as the owner and president of my company, I usually tell it like it is, so, here it goes. One benefit is that spas can be uniquely shaped, just as your pools can. There is no limit to the different styles, shapes and elevations.  Next, if your spa is elevated, you can simply add a spillway that would aid in circulating the water of the spa as well as adding a water feature to the pool.  Adding an inground spa will also add value to your property. The free standing spas are much less expensive but also add no home value.  Here are a few spas installed by California Trademark Pools:

Tear Drop Raised Spa

Tear Drop Raised Spa


 This particle spa is raised eighteen inches with tileon the exterior and also on the waterline on the interior. We rounded two of the four corners to give it a tear drop look. The spillway is made of one piece of flagstone to match the tile. The benches on the interior are put in at two different levels to accommodate taller and shorter people.  Also, a step is added to allow access into the spa much easier. Tile was also added on the benches for an added attraction. The cap is a standard concrete cantilever with the color San Diego Buff from the Davis color chart.



Round Spa With Glass Tile

Round Spa With Glass Tile

  This spa is seven feet round and raised twenty-four inches as it is cut into a hill side.  We raised the decks on each side with a set of steps for easy access to spa. The spillway is approximately four feet wide and done with smooth flagstone to give the waterfall a sheer descent look.  The raised decks are finished with a 3 x 6 tile.  The  walls of the spa are finished with a one inch glass tile that gives it a very unique and classy style.  The cap is done with a round bull-nose cantilever made out of concrete.  We put  the spillway on a schedule to come on for about two hours right at dinner time just so the home owner can enjoy this feature every day.   
Raised Spa With Flagstone Cap

Raised Spa With Flagstone Cap

This is a more traditional square spa and it  is raised eighteen inches.  Raising a spa will also accommodate for some nice seating for people who want to mingle with the spa crowd without getting wet.  The face of the spa is done with a pool friendly stacked stone along with a matching flagstone cap.  You have to be careful when selecting stones around a pool because some of them have iron in them and of course, iron and water don’t mix.  The spillway is twenty-four inches wide and made with a solid piece of matching flagstone.


   It’s a big decision for home owners  trying to decide if a spa is right for them. Here at California Trademark Pools, we would be happy to discuss any further questions that you might have regarding building your spa and pool. Please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.
Jerry Johnson

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