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IntelliTouch Controller Systems Offer Sacramento Pool Builders Elite Choices

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Take your Pool Settings to Another Level With the IntelliTouch Pool and Spa Systems


IntelliTouch Pool and Spa Systems offer a unique and sophisticated Pool and Spa System that takes out the hassle of outdated pool equipment.  As an Eco Select Brand Product, the IntelliTouch Systems optimize energy use and equipment performance by automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling.  The system allows settings for a separate pool and spa, a pool or spa with the same equipment, or a pool and spa combination with different equipment.  By combining system settings, IntelliTouch eliminates the need to set separate times or schedules for your equipment to run.


Not only does IntelliTouch make life easier, it also helps to save money.  For example, instead of running your filtration system for one long period, you may run it at several short cycles saving money.   On top of running filtration systems for shorter cycles, IntelliTouch will turn on and off your pool equipment to your desire to maximize efficiency.  As a bonus, if there are off-peak electrical rates, you can take advantage of these by setting your IntelliTouch to run during these times, saving even more money.  Plus, if IntelliTouch detects freezing temperatures it will shut off, as well as indicate when equipment might be malfunctioning or need service.

Now for the fun stuff.  IntelliTouch offers all types of convenient remote control items that allow for the efficiency and convenience of not having to walk all the way to your pool equipment to turn something on.  Want to control the bubbles or jets from your spa?  The Four-function spa side remote allows you to program four water features allowing for easy control from your spa without having to get out into the cold weather.  This can be extremely useful as we approach the winter season in the Sacramento area.  Still not impressed?  IntelliTouch also offers a Ten-function spa-side remote that can be mounted spa deck, tile, or even mounted on the wall.  Now instead of only being able to control four features, you have your own pool world at your hands with the control of all features such as pool colored LED light schemes, jets, bubbles, etc.  There’s also a wireless remote that you may take anywhere.  And if that hasn’t sold you on the IntelliTouch System, ScreenLogic interfaces has now released an iphone app that allows you to control your system. That’s right an app.  Say you forgot to turn you pump or pool light off, you may now take ease in knowing that you may turn these off from anywhere. Imagine being able to heat your spa by the time you are home from work and have the bubbles running as you step through the door.  Ahhh, paradise.  Now that you know all about the IntelliTouch System, it’s time to start your own pool with California Trademark Pools today!


Here at California Trademark Pools we take pride in our customer service which includes using the state of the art pool equipment. We are enjoying our 26th year in business with “zero” complaints on our license. It is always a “privilege” for us to be your pool builder of choice. We would be happy to discuss any further questions that you might have regarding building your pool and spa. Please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.

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