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Light Up the Sky with Intellibrite 5g Underwater LED Lights

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Light Up the Sky with Intellibrite 5g Underwater LED Lights

Tired of seeing the same boring white lights at all the swimming pools you see?  Transform any ordinary pool lighting system into a spectacle of colors with Intellibrite 5g underwater LED Lights.  The new Intellibrite system increases not only the life expectancy, but is the most energy efficient lighting system on the market today.  With a custom reflector and a lens design unique to Intellibrite, the lights are able to operate at half the energy required to run other leading competitors in LED lighting.  Intellibrite 5g lights use 82% less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights.  Not only is LED lighting more energy efficient but durability far outlasts the competition as the LED lighting will continue to work even if a single LED light goes out.  With energy efficiency and durability like this, you can’t afford not to upgrade to the future of Pool lighting.

Offering a wide variety of colors including blue, green, magenta, red, and white, Intellibrite LED lights can blend, alternate, and even create light shows to impress your friends.  With several pre-programmed light shows such as California Sunset, Caribbean Mode, and our personal favorite Party Mode, you will be sure to get your next party rocking as your pool will light up your backyard as well as the faces of all your closest friends and family.  Using your Easy Touch Control or Intellibrite Controller instantly change your Party Mode light show to Romance Mode to woo that special someone.  With the Intellibrite Controller you can quickly set the mood for any engagement.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you with Intellibrite LED lighting, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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  1. Stephanie Said,

    Neat! That would make for an awesome night-time pool party!