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Multi speed pumps

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Yes, as of January 1, 2008 all swimming pool pumps added or replaced with a rating of 1hp or more are required to have the capability of operating with a multi speed pump or have at least a minimum of two speeds. The low speed must have a rotation rate that is that is no more than half of the motors maximum rotation rate. This rule only applies to the filter pump. If you have water features or spas that require separate pumps, they will not have to be replaced.

  I prefer to use the multi speed pumps in our new swimming pool construction. When bidding new pools for customers, I get asked quite often “how much will my savings be” by using this multi speed pump. To calculate your own savings, you can log on to multi speed pool pump energy calculator. Here is a general example of how much you can save with a 20,000 gallon pool (Click here for our Pool Volume Calculator. ) with an electricity rate of 15 cents per kilowatt hour by using a multi speed pool pump. It is always recommended that you circulate the water in your pool at least once in a 24 hour period:

1)      If you currently have a 1 hp pool pump it is taking approximately 5.3 hours to circulate 20,000 gallons of water per day. At a rate of 15 cents kilowatt per hour the costs would be $458.40 per year.

2)      If you have a 1 ½ hp pool pump it takes approx. 3.9 hours to circulate that same water. At 15 cents per kilowatt per hour that comes to $438.89 per year.

3)      Now with the multi speed pump, you can take 10 hours to circulate 20,000 gallons of water at a cost of $114.43 per year.

 These comparisons are general and may vary with your own utility company, but they do offer some idea of what your utility savings could be. Also, most utility companies are offering rebates for the use of these multi speed pumps. This only makes them more attractive over the long haul.

  Besides the fact that you are saving money on your utility bill, the multi speed pump has many other options. I have had several of my customers call me after the pump has been installed to verify that the pump is even running. This sounds hard to believe but the Starite Intellipro 4×160 variable speed pump  is so quiet that you hardly notice it! Some other facts are you no longer need that booster pump for your pool cleaner. Set one speed for the filter and another speed for the cleaner. It’s that simple. Now you still have two more speeds to maybe add solar and or a water feature!  In my opinion, these facts make the variable speed pumps a much wiser choice that than the two speed pumps.

For more information on the variable speed pumps and two speed pumps see

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