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Patio Covers

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Patio Covers Add Nice Touch

Solid Patio Cover

Duralum Solid Patio Cover

One advantage of building a pool with California Trademark Pools is that we can build your patio cover too. Along with our C53 pool license we also have a B general contractors license.  There are many choices of patio covers in todays market ranging from the traditional wood to the maintenance free metal. Covers can be designed with a solid roof or 2×2’s to provide shade. Its important for the home owner to decide what the purpose of the cover is and what type of material will fit there scheme in the back yard.

Traditional wood patio covers give an appearance of a having a heavier look. They’re typically made out of redwood or fur. Berco Redwood offers a variety of quality lumber grades for redwood. The advantage of the wood covers is that it is much more durable than the metal. Bumping into the posts or top usually won’t leave a mark. Unfortunately, there are some maintenance issues with wood. You can leave the redwood unattended and it will turn the natural weathered gray or you can stain it to preserve the redwood color. Fur covers are typically painted to any  color you desire. If you use a good premium paint, it will last about five years.

Duralum Patio Cover

Duralum Patio Cover With 2x2's

Metal covers have a much lighter look to them. Duralum is a quality manufacturer of this type of cover. The biggest advantage is there is no maintenance. The finished product is a nice clean look. No worries of warped boards, or marred lumber. You have an option of six colors to chose from. The covers come with a solid roof design  or a variety of open roof designs. The biggest disadvantage is that they are extremely light and will dent if something hits them. Also, when it rains you will be more likely to hear the noise from a metal cover versus a wood cover.

Don’t forget, most patio covers will require a permit. There are many contractors who will tell you that a permit is not required. Why they do this, I don’t know. Permits are designed to help protect you as a home owner. The purpose is to ensure that we the contractor are  building you a safe secure structure that follows all the building codes. Most permits are relatively inexpensive. So, do yourself a favor and only work with a contractor that insists you pull a permit for your project. You will be glad you did.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help futher assist you regarding building your pool and patio cover, please contact my cell phone at 916-479-3091 or our office at 916-683-1202.


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