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Pool Chemicals

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Most Common Pool Chemicals

  Here is a list of some common chemicals used in swimming pools today:

 Chlorine: This is the most commonly used pool chemical in the industry.  It will kill algae, bacteria, living organisms, ammonia, and many other contaminates that are in pool water. Chlorine comes in both a granular and a tablet form. The tablet sizes are 1″ and 3″. Many of today’s pools use a salt chlorine generator which produces a more pure chlorine than what you can purchase off the shelf. It will also pay for itself over a period of time as a result of not having to purchase as much chlorine.

 Muriatic Acid: This chemical is used to lower the ph and alkalinity levels in pools. Muriatic acid comes in a liquid form. Caution should be used when using this product. You should not pour Muriatic acid over any shallow areas such as a cabo shelf or swim out as it can etch the surfaces. You should read the label to determine how much to add, and also, the proper way to add it. You can also use Sodium Bisulfate to lower the ph. This product is sold in a granular form and is often referred to as “dry acid”. Sodium Bisulfate will also help reduce levels of alkalinity.

 Alkalinity Increaser: The scientific name is Sodium Bicarbonate which comes in a granular form and is used to raise the alkalinity level in the pool water. You should also read the label for this chemical to determine how much to add.

 Shock: As a pool owner, you will become familiar with the shock treatments.  With chlorine it is necessary to periodically shock your pool water. Shock is in a granular form. Calcium Hypochlorite and Lithium Hypochlorite are two chlorine based shock.  How often you shock your pool has been widely debated. Some say once a week, some say once every two weeks, and some say once a month. I would suggest reading the labels to help determine how often you should shock your pool.

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