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Pool Construction Underway

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Pool Construction Underway

Pool Excavation With Keyway

Pool Excavation With Keyway

As a Sacramento area pool contractor, California Trademark Pools has a new pool underway in Rocklin, California. Permits were issued  last Thursday and excavating began the following day.

Gayle Totton from Lotus Blue Design was hired to do a full custom landscaping design with a pool and spa on this particular lot. With this major slope off the back of the lot, Gayle did an outstanding  job of pushing the pool over the edge to help maximize the usable space in the backyard. Of course, this did create some issues with the engineering. Neil Anderson & Associates were asked to design the free standing pool wall, along with engineering requirements for the retaining walls.

Steve Silvia, from Innovative Excavating was hired to do the excavating. With the special engineering, the pool and spa, leveling both the side yard and the rear yard, there was plenty of dirt to be removed. Access was not an issue on this project and Steve’s crew was able to finish the dig in two days with no complications.

Next step is a soil inspection on Monday with Neil Anderson & Associates. They will have to make an on site visit to verify soil conditions for the freestanding pool wall and the retaining walls. With rain in the forecast, we are hustling to get this project on its way.

This is always an exciting part of the job for me personally. It’s always a challenge getting permits issued in a timely manner and once they are approved to see the home owners enthusiasm and excitement when the equipment shows up to start digging is always rewarding. I am always truly grateful that they chose me and my company to be a part of there project and will do everything  I can to make it an enjoyable experience.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you regarding building your pool, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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  1. Jeff D. Said,

    nice to see someone truly care about their clients and their workmanship! Sending you my contact info today. I also checked and see you have never had even one complaint with the State? Impressive. Would like to know what your next available schedule opening is. And cna you do special designs. I mean is that offered or do we pick one?