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Are Pool Covers For Me?

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Are Pool Covers For Me?


In the past couple of years, CA Trademark Pools has seen requests rise for the use of both automatic and manual pool covers when preparing plans for initial pool installs.   Many homeowners are installing pools covers as a means of safety as well as to avoid unwanted fences around the pool in areas where the fence tends to stick out like a sore thumb or the aesthetic was not what the homeowner was expecting.   The three most beneficial reasons to get a pool cover are as follows

1.) Safety – To meet current local state building safety codes, pool covers must be able to hold the weight of two adults and a child.  If you are worried about children falling into the pool, covers can be a means to help deter that as most will hold 400 pounds of weight or more.

2.) Reduce Operating Costs – Because the pool is covered, less evaporation occurs and more water is retained.  By not having to add water through an auto fill or your hose, you are helping to cut water costs associated with owning a pool as well as chemicals needed.

3.) Cleanliness– By having the pool covered, you are helping to ensure dirt and other debris won’t get into the pool and helping to eliminate the time required to clean.  Having less dirt in the pool will translate into having your pool pump doing less work to keep your pool clean and the PH balance is likely to stay more neutral.

With the added popularity comes the desire to build a pool cover that can give you all the benefits while maintain an elegant and natural look and not something that was just slung over the side.  One way to do this is to use a pool cover that is “hidden” from view.  Pool covers such as these can be hidden under cement blocks that can be easily moved to reach the motor and do proper maintenance and clean.  By putting the motor on one end of the pool and installing metal tracks down the side, the cover itself can come out from underneath these blocks and slide down the length of the pool to cover it.  When you want to swim a simple flick of the switch effortlessly retracts the cover and pulls it back underneath the cement blocks completely hidden from view.  What was now a covered pool simply looks like any other pool with concrete around the perimeter.  When done swimming simply flick the switch again and the cover is positioned again to cover the length of the pool.


For a look at both automatic and manual pool covers in the greater Sacramento area, head over to to take a look at some of the options that may work for you!


To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you regarding a cover for your pool, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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