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Elk Grove Pool Builder Adds Sunken Barbecue Pit

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Elk Grove Pool Builder Adds Sunken Barbecue Pit Barbecue Pit 

 Elk Grove PoolThis past summer brought a very busy schedule for California Trademark Pools. One of the pools on the list was this beauty in Elk Grove. The Home Owner wanted something a little more unique than your average pool. Pebble Tec bottom, a large carribean shelf with glass tile on the edges, moss rock on the bond beam which was notched into the water to give a more natural look, and a split waterfall feature. We added a raised  spa with a flagstone cap and a natural ledgestone veneer on the outside walls. Raising the spa allows for another water feature through a spillway on the pool side of the spa. 

After discussing what he would like to have with his limited space, we decided on a very low maitenance back yard. We started with a pool approximately 600 sqare feet with enough concrete decking to have plenty of room for entertaining. The pool was designed with a black

The next step was designing the barbecue pit. We decided on an area approximatelyPool with sunken barbecue pit in Elk Grove 12′ x 12′ and 24″ deep. This would give us plenty of room for the barbecue equipment and a few chairs next to the pool. Lowering this area required Neil Anderson & Associates to do some special engineering on the pool and spa walls. Drainage in this area was a little tricky, but we were able to hide the sump pump and the bucket inside one of the cabinets for the barbecue equipment. This eliminated a huge eye sore. It’s always a little dangerous when you start having different elevations in a high traffic area, so to help with the safety around the sunken pit we added a stucco seating wall 18″ high. This will help prevent anyone from falling backwards into the pit.  

Fire pit in Elk Grove, CaNext on the top side, the Owner decided to add a fire pit. We already had the gas line running to the area for the barbecue, so we were able to tee off that line and easily accomodate another line to the fire pit. We raised it 12″ and added the fire ring along with glass rock. It looks fabulous! 

The final touches were a seating wall next to the fire pit, a huge umbrella to help shade the sunken pit,  some imitation sod, and plenty of plants in the shrub areas. 

This was another satisfied customer by California Trademark Pools and the home Owner has given us permission to show off his yard to anyone that is interested in looking at it. 

 It’s always a big decision for home owners  trying to decide who is the right pool builder for them. We don’t sell all our pools we bid, but the ones we do sell the people are extremely happy when were done. 

Here at California Trademark Pools we take pride in our customer service. We are enjoying our 26th year in business with “zero” complaints on our license. It is always a “privilege” for us to be your pool builder of choice. We would be happy to discuss any further questions that you might have regarding building your pool and spa. Please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091. 

Jerry Johnson

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  1. Nate Said,

    Wow, I love that barbecue pit! I’m a sucker for spaces with differences in elevation, indoors and outdoors. And this is definitely a great example. Inspiration for later :)