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Rocklin Pool Near Complete!

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Rocklin Pool Near Complete!

Rocklin Pool

Rocklin Pool

Well, its been an awhile since the last post. Things at California Trademark Pool have been busy. The pool is almost complete in Rocklin. The plaster was installed last Saturday and Sunday we fired up the pumps. This particular pool had some interesting twists along the way. The pool was set over the edge of a drop off and required special engineering from Neil Anderson & Associates and also a letter confirming soil conditions.

Delta Gunite required two days to install the retaining walls, pool, and spa. Footings for the retaining wall expanded to twenty-four inches deep and forty-eight inches wide. Along with additional rebar requirements.  Whew!!! Don’t think anything will be moving any time soon.

After the gunite process, Eric Johnson Tile’s crew came in and installed the tile for the spa, pool, and raised bond beam, along with the sheer descent. The home owner decided to add step tile, which always makes them more visible.

During the tile process, the home owner decided to add two Duralum patio covers, one cover is a 12′ x 13′ free standing and a second trellis style cover over his cook-top which will be 3′ x 16′.   This slowed us down temporarily due to the fact that permits were required. Installation on the covers will begin tomorrow. It’s always an advantage to build with California Trademark Pools due to fact that we not only have our pool license, but also carry a “B” license for any other construction needs.

The pool deck consists of a twelve inch colored band in a broom finish which circles the edge of the  pool,  while the remaining pool deck is completed with a San Diego Buff color and a salt finish. Once again, the colors of the decks, bands, tile, and caps on the bond beams, came out beautiful. The home owners did a terrific job on all the color selections.

This has been a very fun project for myself and my crew. It’s always a pleasure to work with home owners who appreciate the fact that the guy holding the license is actually still showing up on the job to do some work. This pool will definitely make for some good pool pics for the gallery. If the weather cooperates, we should finish in a week or so.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you regarding building your pool, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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