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Sacramento Area Pool Builders Receives NPIRC Salt-Chlorinated Pool Test Results

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Sacramento Area Pool Builders Receives NPIRC Salt-Chlorinated Pool Test

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ResultsRecently, the National Pool Industry Research Center (NPIRC) conducted a five month study simulating a once a week pool service done on salt-chlorinated pools.  The test was significant because it marked the first time the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) provided commission to conduct a test.  Located at Cal Poly University in San Louis Obispo, the five month test was conducted to see if a once a week service on salt pools is sufficient enough to keep all chemical and PH levels balanced.  Because salt-chlorinated pools are a relatively new product in the pool industry, many pool technicians and pool builders were very interested in backing their expected beliefs and personal experiences with actual scientific data.  The NPIRC simulated a weekly service visit with chemical adjustments, without the use of any automated chemical feeding or controllers.

After the five month test had ended, the NPIRC concluded that weekly chemical adjustments are not efficient or effective enough to keep the PH balance.  According to Lance Sada, IPSSA’s liaison to the NPIRC, the PH balance was difficult to control after the weekly service and every time the pool was brought to the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.6, the pool’s PH balance floated upward to 8.0 within three days or less.  This is significant because with PH at such a high level, a pool can see an oxidation reduction and total alkalinity, equipment malfunction and damaging, and even skin and eye irritation.  The study conducted by the NPIRC finally put to rest the circulating opinions and beliefs and cemented the majority view that weekly services from your pool technician may not be enough to keep everything in balance.

So what does this mean as an owner of a salt-chlorinated pool?  Well the good news is there is no reason to panic.  There are several ways to help combat the rise in PH that you may experience if only relying on your weekly pool service.  An easy to fix is to do checks every couple of days yourself in between services, but who has the time for that?  Thanks to innovation in the pool industry, there are several PH controllers available to help you monitor and add chemicals accordingly.  One of these controllers is the Smart pH Water Chemistry Controller which does daily monitoring of the pools PH balance and adds chemicals as needed.  For more information on the Smart pH Water Chemistry Controller, stay tuned for a later post!

At California Trademark Pools, we take pride in providing an excellent customer experience, contact us today at to find out more information about salt-chlorinated pools and what you can do to keep your pool water properly balanced!

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