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Sacramento Area Pool Contractor Wrapping Up Pool In Lincoln

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Sacramento Area Pool Contractor Wrapping Up Pool In Lincoln


Pool Under Construction

Pool Under Construction

California Trademark Pools is nearing completion of another pool in Lincoln. Sean and Kristen purchased there new home a few months ago and have had their hands full with the many changes to their new property. Besides the addition of their new swimming pool, they have also added an unattached garage.  

After a minor set back from the City of Lincoln, pool construction got under way on November ninth. After being in business for over twenty-five years, it still amazes me the unforeseen snags that appear. The property is an odd shaped lot, and what the home owner and myself considered the side yard, the City of Lincoln considered the front yard. Swimming pools are required to have setbacks from the street to the pool. Unfortunately, this pool did not meet those requirements. So, not willing to give up, California Trademark Pools redesigned there pool in an appropriate spot that worked out for both parties. I think after construction began, both Sean and Kristen were happy with their decision.

 The pool was designed with a large moss rock waterfall cut into the hillside located on the side of the property. We cut back the hill to accommodate a retaining wall that would allow a flat surface for the equipment pad and also some shrub areas. Sean and Kristen would like to carry a theme that would bring back the old gold digger days. To do this, they intend to install a four foot high retaining wall made out of railroad ties and than design a look that would have a broken beam over a cave entrance to give the idea of an old broken down mine shaft.  Sean also would like to bring in an old gold cart to add as a lawn ornament in the shrub area. I personally love the idea and think the pool and their waterfall feature will compliment each other very nicely. Its always a pleasure working with people who have a vivid imagination.

It’s a big decision for home owners when they are trying to decide who they want to build their pool. Sometimes, the sales side of the trade has a bit of a reputation of being compared to a “car salesman”. Here at California Trademark Pools, I totally understand this. I am the owner (President) of my company and will represent only the quality that I put into our pools. I believe Sean and Kristen feel that they have made the right choice and I have enjoyed working with both of them. Its always fun for me, because every pool has a different personality. I haven’t done a gold mine theme yet! I am as anxious as the home owners to see the finished project. Should make for some fantastic pictures and some great topics of conversation for Sean and Kristen’s future pool partys .

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you regarding building your pool, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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