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Sacramento Pool Company Finishes Pool In Rocklin

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Sacramento Pool Company Finishes Pool In Rocklin

California Trademark Pools has finished another pool in Rocklin and the home owners couldn’t be more thrilled. This particular pool had many choices to be made, from special engineering to all the different colors necessary to complete the project.

   Lot with severe slope 

This picture was taken on the first day of excavation. It shows how a lot with a very severe slope off the back of the property can be tamed to become a very beautiful and unique backyard oasis. We actually pushed the pool over the edge of this slope about six feet to maximize the space in this rear yard. Of course, to do this it took some special engineering from Neil Anderson & Associates. One of the biggest challenges of building  a pool on a sloped lot is that typically you need to find virgin soil to begin construction. It’s always a good idea to have the engineer come back out after excavation to do a soil inspection and write a letter of approval before you begin.




Raised spa with spillway

Raised spa with spillway


This picture shows the tear drop shaped raised spa that was designed by the home owners. This unique shape matched perfectly with there Grecian style pool. We added a split bench, whereas one bench is three inches higher than the other to accommodate shorter people and children. There is also a step on the inside corner to help with getting in and out of the spa. Part of the decorations include tile on the edges of the benches, a twenty-four inch spillway, a colored concrete cap and six inch tile on the exterior and waterline of the spa. We installed six therapy style jets as well.





Grecial style pool

Grecian style pool


The finished product turned out fabulous. We raised the bond beam eighteen inches across the entire back of the lot. In the center of the pool we added a forty-eight inch sheer descent that is raised an additional six inches to add another level to the raised wall. The main concrete decks are done with a color and salt finish, and than a twelve inch band is added around the pool with a dark colored stain and a broom finish. There is a flagstone walkway separating the main pool deck and one of the patios coming off of the house. This made a terrific distinction between the two decks. The final touches were two separate Duralum patio covers.




It’s always a big decision for home owners  trying to decide which pool builder is right for them. Here at California Trademark Pools we pride ourselves on “Quality Construction with Personal Attention”.  Our goal is to do everything possible to make your project a trouble free, enjoyable process. I have enjoyed twenty-five years of being in business while having “zero” complaints.  We would be happy to discuss any further questions that you might have regarding building your pool and spa. Please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.

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