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Sacramento Pool Contractor Ready For Another Challenge

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Sacramento Pool Contractor Ready For Another Challenge
Sloping lot

Sloping lot

California Trademark Pools is a Sacramento area pool contractor that is always ready for another challenge. This time were in Rocklin. Rocklin has some very unique landscape and designing the perfect pool in this type of terrain can sometimes be a mind teaser.

This particular lot is flat coming off the back of the house until you get to the last sixteen feet, which drops off down a hill to about seven feet below grade. The home owner would love to maximize the use of the pool and his entire backyard. So, to do this, we are pushing the pool over the edge of the drop off about four feet. Yikes!

The challenge is to design the back wall of the pool that will be free standing over the edge of the drop off. Neil Anderson and Associates were called upon to engineer this task. To do this, they decided the best alternative was to design a “keyway” down into the enbankment approximately two feet deep and twelve inches wide with number three rebar twelve inches on center. Sound complicated? It certainly can be. Here at California Trademark Pools we are always excited about something different and unique.

The next challenge is to retain the remaining yard on both sides of the pool. Once again Neil Anderson and Associates were called upon. This time there will have to be some supporting footings approximately three feet wide and sixteen inches thick with rebar twelve inches on center to support a six inch wall four feet high. Whew! Definitely meets the requirements to be called a challenge.  It is exactly for these reasons why we partner with qualified and experienced professionals.

As soon as permits are approved we will begin this new and exciting project.

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