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Sacramento Pools Sometimes Have Cloudy Water

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Cloudy Water Clouds Happy Pool Owners


There’s nothing more frustrating as a pool owner to come home to find your water cloudy from different sediments or discolored from improper chemical balances.  As pool owners, it is important to maintain your pool to keep the water looking pristine and inviting to swim in.  Although it may seem like your problem is specific to your pool, and there’s a good chance it is, many of the most common problems with pool water can be taken care of by following some simple guidelines…

1.) Run your pump!  –  As pool builders one of the most common causes for cloudy or unbalanced chemicals in the water is simply not running your pump enough.  This usually means a minimum of 8 hours for a residential pool.  By turning the water over, you are helping to ensure  proper chemical balance and cleaning.  In fact nearly 95% of chemical problems can be avoided by simply running your pump enough and cleaning your filters on a regular basis. California Trademark pools prefer the Starite Variable Speed Pump.

2.) Know the size of your Pool! – If you are going to your local pool store to pick up chemicals to treat your pool and telling them that you have a 20,000 gallon pool when you have a 15,000 gallon pool, you may be over treating your pool.  This over treating will lead to a chemical unbalance in the water and will require treating in the opposite direction of which you went causing more time to be spent and money!  A simple calculation to determine your pool’s water capacity will help you when adding the appropriate amount of chemicals

Simple Pool Gallon Equation =  (Length x Width) x Average Pool  Depth X 7.5

EX.) Length- 10ft   Width- 20 Feet  Average Depth 5 Feet

(10 * 20) x 5 x 7.8 = 7800 Gallons of Water

3.) Don’t just check Chlorine and Acid Levels! – Some of the more uncommon problems that can cause unbalances chemically are nitrates and phosphates.  For nitrates, make sure to keep your clean pool at all times and avoid spraying chemicals used around the garden into the pool itself.  For phosphates, make sure to avoid grass or plant trimmings getting into the pool.  While these two are slightly more advanced to check for, they could be the problem in your pool if simple chlorine and acid are not working

4.)  Educate yourself!  – You wouldn’t buy an oil or lubricant for your car that you didn’t understand how it worked or if it was the right product for your car so why would you do it for your pool?!   By simply educating yourself on PH balance and some of the previous things discussed here you may avoid a big pool service bill down the road.  Simple maintenance and a proactive attitude will go a long way in keeping your pool looking as brilliant as the day it was finished.


To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you regarding cloudy water, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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