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Salt-Water as your Chlorine Choice for Your Swimming Pool

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Are you in the process of trying to decide whether to do a salt-water swimming pool or not? Unlike traditional chlorine swimming pools, there are many benefits for you and your family. Here are just a few of the best reasons to consider a salt-water pool:

Over time the salt chlorine generator will pay for itself with the savings of not having to chlorinate as often. The initial expense of salt in the pool and cost of the salt chlorine generator should be recovered in less than 2 years, depending on the size of the swimming pool. This alone makes the salt-water pool worth exploring.

Unlike the traditional swimming pool, where chlorine must be stored, handled, and added by the homeowner, the salt in the pool, via the chlorine generator will make the chlorine allowing it to be safer for pool owners who balance there own chemicals. This is a big advantage for pool owners. The salt chlorine generator also creates purer chlorine making it easier to deal with dry skin, green hair, and bleached out swimsuits.

Once you learn the system, it will become easier to manage your pools chemicals. The water in your pool runs through the generator where it is electrified creating chlorine. It also alerts you on the salt levels in your pool. Typically it will help control algae and the levels of the other chemicals in the pool as well.

Many of our California Trademark Pools customers have salt water pools and are very satisfied. If you would like a list of references please contact our office 916-683-1202. Although chlorine levels and other chemical levels still have to be maintained, it is usually safer and healthier than the traditional chlorine pool. This along with the fact that it will pay for itself makes it a very inviting investment. You can find out more on this product at

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