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Selecting the Right Pool Cover

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Finding the Right Pool Cover

 Pool covers come in all sorts of designs, varieties, shapes and general types. However, your first thought in choosing the right cover for your pool should be to decide what the primary purpose is that you want the pool cover to achieve. Do I want a cover that will keep my children safe? Am I concerned about animals drowning? Does it need to help maintain the heat in the pool, or am I just looking for something to keep the debris out?

 Many pool covers are designed to accommodate architectural features such as any water feature, spa, or fountain. They come in vinyl, mesh, or plastic, depending how durable you need the protection to be. They also come in a variety of colors. When you want to use the pool, you can remove the cover manually, or if your pool will allow it, you can invest in an automatic cover that will retract the cover with a waterproof motor mounted under the deck or on the edge of the pool.

 Solar type covers are designed to maintain the heat in your pool. They are generally used in warmer climates where there’s plenty of sun. They are designed with a “bubble” system that collects the solar energy from the sun during the day which not only holds in the heat but aids in heating as well. However, these types of covers are not very secure because of there design.

 Safety is a main issue for pool covers. Many security covers are able to hold several adults at one time without damaging the material. With this type of cover comes the ease of mind knowing that you’ve done everything possible to protect your children and pets. These solid covers will aid in the keeping debris from your pool. Not many people enjoy raking leaves in there lawn let alone there pool. Keeping the cover on when not in use will also help in maintaining loss of water from evaporation which will save on chemical use.

 I would suggest using a cover that meets your needs, as there is a definite price difference for each cover. Bubble wraps are simple and easy, while motorized retractable solid covers are top of the line. Be sure to check with your pool builder or the building department regarding any codes that may need to be addressed. And lastly, it’s always a good idea to choose a cover that has a solid warranty. These products must be able to withstand the sun, water, and all the weather in between.

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