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Solar Heating

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The best way to extend the use of your swimming pool season, save money, and be “green” all at the same time is to heat your swimming pool using solar heat in combination with a solar pool cover at night.  We probably all know why heating a pool is costly to begin with; it’s based on the fact that during the night and on cloudy days when temperatures are low, the pool loses so much heat because its large broad surface is exposed to the elements.  As a result, conventional heating methods just can’t keep up to this continual heat loss.  For a couple of reasons, solar heat and swimming pools are a great combination.    This solar heating pool-combo works, it’s a natural because pools don’t require large amounts of high-intensity heat and they act as their own heat-transfer liquid and heat-storage units, plus heating the pool requires only a few pieces of equipment. Lastly, the swimming season corresponds to the months of high hot sun and long days, allowing for collection of plenty of solar heat.

In brief, solar panels are installed, usually on the roof of your home, and then in most cases using your existing pool pump, water from the pool is then pumped through the panels which are then heated by the sun that has been transferred into the solar panels.  The water continues to circulate through the panels until the desired temperature is achieved.  Using a solar blanket or cover at night helps extend the effects and helps prevent heat loss by evaporation and radiation.  If you want to discuss using Solar for your heating solution for your swimming pool installation, call our office.

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