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Swimming Pool Filters

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Different Swimming Pool Filter Types

 Swimming Pool filters are designed to clean the fine particles out of the water. Different regions of the country are partial to different types of filters. There are basically three different types of pool filters offered today. They are Sand, Diatomaceous Earth, and Cartridge. Depending on the number of gallons of water in the pool will determine which size filter is needed. 

 Sand filters use specially graded silica sand for its filter purposes. It generally will trap particles in the 20 – 100 micron range. The water enters into the tank through the diffusers and goes down into the sand where the dirt and debris become trapped in the sand. After the water reaches the bottom of the tank it enters into the laterals and is than returned to the pool. This particular filter has to be backwashed to clean. If your pool is sized correctly it should last some where around 4 weeks between backwashes.

 Diatomaceous Earth, or DE filters as they are commonly called, is the most efficient way to filter water. It has plastic grids that are covered with a plastic type of fabric where a powder called Diatomaceous Earth is layered over the top of the grids. Because the DE powder is much finer than the silica sand in sand filters, it is able to trap particles in the 5 – 8 micron range. This type of filter, like the sand filter, also needs to be backwashed to clean and should last around 4 weeks between backwashes. You will also have to add the appropriate amount of DE powder back on the grids after each cleaning.

 The filter of choices among most pool owners today are the Cartridge filters because of there simplicity. They use a paper type filter that is similar to that of an automobile. It will trap particles from 25 – 100 micron size. The cartridges should be replaced every 2 – 5 years depending on how much work it is asked to do. If the filter is undersized, of course it will not last as long. Typically, the right sized filter will go 6 months without cleaning. There is no backwashing with a cartridge filter. Simply remove the cartridge from the tank and hose it thoroughly from top to bottom and than replace it.

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