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Swimming Pool Patio Furniture

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When selecting swimming pool patio furniture, style and budget play a large role for many homeowners.   However, comfort is the usually the main focus of the effort and it sets the relaxing atmosphere for your guests. In general, when looking for pool patio furniture, you should be looking to supply some lounge chairs.   Besides comfort, they should be able to withstand the elements, be made of sturdy materials, and be able to be easily adjustable. Another factor to consider is how easily they can be stored in the off season or if they are stackable. Additionally, any materials you add to them such as cushions should also be made of weather resistant materials. You may also want to consider looking into recycled or green alternative materials if they are available. Check with the manufacturer, before you make your purchase. Here is a list of available popular pool patio furniture materials and retailers:

Teak: A type of hardwood tree found in southern Asia or India is known for its natural oils that allow it to be worked and when it’s found in its best state it’s very weather resistant. One of Teaks biggest disadvantages is that it can split if it becomes too dry from excessive heat. Try Country Casual.

Wicker: There are several types of wicker natural furniture fibers such as cane, rattan, bamboo as well as synthetics and resins. Obviously, synthetics and resin-coated wicker styles are going to be more durable or more weather resistant than natural untreated wicker furniture but proper care against mold and moisture and excessive heat can by achieved by covering your furniture when not in use. Try

Aluminum or Metal Sling Furniture: This is one of the most common types of pool furniture available and is made from mesh, fabric, or vinyl straps that are suspended or hung from a frame made from metal or aluminum. The idea being this type of construction is fairly sturdy and relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain with a minimum level of care. Sometimes with the vinyl fabrics the coloring can fade. Try

Plastic: Often recycled, plastic is durable and really, almost maintenance free. Plastic furniture is usually light weight, can come in a variety of colors, and can be molded into variety of shapes and can be made to actually look like real materials. One of its disadvantages is however its fragility due to its lightweight, you may need to remove it from the elements, if the weather becomes inclement. Try Outback Patio.

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