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Swimming Pool Safety

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Pool Safety Issues


There are many different reasons for building a pool today. These reasons range from family entertainment, to being able to enjoy various water features and from the luxury of a spa, to the mere purpose of enjoying a little physical exercise. Regardless of why a swimming pool is built, each individual who has a swimming pool today should hold safety as a top priority.


There is a variety of ages that use these pools that range from infants to the elderly. Unfortunately pool safety is often ignored. Many home owners with pools are under a false opinion that most inadvertent drowning deaths happen when the family is outdoors using the pool or entertaining guests. Nevertheless, many accidents come about when young children leave the safety of the home without a parent or guardian knowing it. Children are attracted to water without understanding the dangers that are involved. At the other end of the age spectrum, without the proper safety equipment installed, the elderly could slip and fall or have trouble getting out of the pool.


The key to handling the pool safety issues is to be well prepared.  The Sacramento, CA building department gives a list of pool safety specifications prior to building new pools. Here are a few tips to prevent a drowning:


  • Fences and walls should be at least 6 feet high and installed so that it completely enclose the pool. Gates should be self-closing swinging away from the pool and latches should be out of a child’s reach. Check with your local building codes for proper requirements.


  • Any doors leading from the house or garage to the pool area should be protected with alarms that produce a sound when a door is unexpectedly opened.


  • A pool cover that can be removed while the pool is being used.


  • Make sure all rescue equipment is close the pool and that a phone with emergency numbers is near by.


  • For above-ground pools, steps and ladders to the pool should be secured or removed when the pool is not in use.


  • If you can’t find a child, always look in the pool first. Every second counts in preventing death or disability.


  • Pool alarms can be used as an additional precaution. Underwater pool alarms generally perform better and can be used in conjunction with pool covers.


The key to preventing these tragedies is to be well prepared for the worst case scenario. This includes placing barriers  around your pool to prevent access, using pool alarms, closely supervising your child and being ready in case of an emergency. Last but not least, use your fundamental common sense skills. Common sense is a necessity around a pool.



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