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Time To Check Your Freeze Control Settings

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Time To Check Your Freeze Control Settings

It’s that time of the year again where temperatures are starting to fall so be sure to check the settings for your freeze protection. Freeze protection will automatically turn the pump on to circulate water to prevent pipes from freezing.

Here is how you set Pentairs Easytouch Controller:

Freeze protection switches on a circuit if the outside air temperature sensor detects the temperature is getting close to freezing (below 35° F). The system will switch on all circuits that have been assigned freeze protection, and runs the circuits for 15 minutes to stop the pipes from freezing. This is especially important if there is a pool and spa combination. If freeze protection is set to both the spa and pool circuits, the filter pump switches on and the pool and spa valves alternate every 15 minutes to keep the water moving in both the pool and spa. This process continues until the freeze condition is over.

Circuit Functions:
To assign a circuit function and freeze protection:
Up/Down buttons: Choose the circuit name (displayed on the second line). The generic circuits names are: Spa [Master Spa – Freeze protection on by default], Pool[Master Pool – Freeze protection on by default],  Aux 1-7 (EasyTouch 8), Aux 1-3
(EasyTouch 4), Feature 1-8 and Aux Extra. Aux Extra is only available if the Solar output (J17) plug on the EasyTouch motherboard is not being used for solar equipment. Use the Solar button to switch the “extra” auxiliary circuit on and off (see page 4).

Right button: Move to the “Circuit Function” setting to select the circuit function for
the select circuit name displayed on the line above.

Up/Down buttons: Select the circuit function. This is the circuit that you wish to
assign the function logic to. For a complete list of preset circuit functions, see “Preset
Circuit Functions,” on page 34.

Right button: Move to Freeze Protection setting.

Up/Down buttons: Select Yes or No to assign freeze protection to this circuit. If
“Yes” is selected, the circuit will switch on if the air temperature drops to 35° F.
Note: for the POOL circuit the filter pump will have freeze protection. For the
SPA circuit the filter pump will run and the pool/spa valves will switch between
pool and spa at 15 minutes intervals throughout the freeze condition. For the
MASTER CLEANER circuit freeze protection is generally not needed for pool
cleaner pumps since they get water flow from the filter pump. Just make sure
that POOL has freeze protection.

Press the Menu button to save the settings and to return to the Settings menu
options. Press the button again to return to the main menu options or press again to
return to the main screen.

  Setting your freeze protection will ensure the safety of your pool pump against the possibility of freezing. Here at California Trademark Pools, we would be happy to discuss any further questions that you might have regarding building your spa and pool. Please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.

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