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Sacramento Pool Builders Battle Calcium Build Up Pools And Spas

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Understanding Calcium Build Up in Your Pool or Spa

Recent discoveries of calcium phosphate build up in pools and spas has lead the pool industry to utilize new techniques to help diminish build up of the white scale that is left behind on pool and spa walls.  Pool technicians have found orthophosphates, a break down from polyphosphonates, which combine with calcium in the water to form a white scale which can be very unattractive in most pool and spas.  Because of this increasing problem in most pools the industry promotes close monitoring of calcium phosphate levels and the usage of phosphate based products.

What causes the white build up?

  • Calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate are found in most water supplies.
  •  Usage of phosphate products in pool and spas break down to orthophosphate.
  • Chemical reaction occurs leaving behind white-scale build up on walls.
  • More likely to be seen in heated pools and spas.
  • Metal removal and prevention products are commonly polyphosphonates/phosphonic acid which eventually breaks down into orthophosphate leading to calcium phosphate scales.

Importances of preventing calcium phosphate build up.

  • Algae can use orthophosphates to resist common chlorine and algae treatments.
  • Areas with high water hardness are more likely to produce calcium phosphate scale and can permanently damage pool equipment and cause malfunctions.

These new discoveries prompted a commercial aquatic facility in Arizona to run tests to figure out how to combat calcium phosphate build up.  Because of Arizona’s hot temperature and the facilities use of phosphate-based chemicals on a weekly basis, the facility was a prime spot to test certain products to monitor their effects.  When they discovered that several of their heat exchangers had white build up, they determined it was calcium phosphate scale and switched to nonphosphate products.  Now, the facility is pleased to report that it is free of all calcium phosphate scale.

What can I do as a pool or spa owner?

  • Use preventive action!
  • If you have a heated pool, try to avoid the use of metal removers and treatments as most are phosphate based.
  • Attempt to switch all phosphate based products used to nonphosphate products.  The use of phosphate products will eventually break down to orthophosphates which will likely lead to calcium phosphate scale build up.
  • Acceptable treatment includes ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), non-phosphate anti-scale chemical.
  • Keep a close monitor on.
  • Finally, be aware of what is really going on in your pool or spa water and take action to monitor your pool and keep everything at their appropriate levels.

To discuss how California Trademark Pools can help further assist you with questions concerning Calcium build up in your pool or spa, please contact our office at 916-683-1202 or my personal cell phone at 916-479-3091.


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